Arya Samaj Mandir In Lavkush Nagar

Arya Samaj means “Society of Nobles” and fittingly Arya Samaj Mandir in Lavkush Nagar has dedicated its services to noble causes and spread love and unity among people. Our Samaj follows the great Vedic Principles and the path shown by Swami Dayanand Saraswati. Arya Samaj since its inception in the year 1875 has not looked book as it has progressed beyond belief and now has more people in its fold than before owing to its principles of One God and all are equal in the eyes of the God.

Arya Samaji Movement has been aimed at the reforms of modern Hindu society and is pertinent to reestablishing Vedic principle as the greatest source of revealed truth. Accretions to the Vedas as degenerate but, in his own interpretation, included much post-Vedic thought. The Samaj has largest following in the Northern parts of India and local Samajas are organized so they could cover provincial Samajas. And all members of a local Samaja is elected in the democratic manner. Arya Samaj governing bodies are well organized units that keep order in their own realms and accordingly serve the people with various religious services.

Arya Samaj totally opposes the worship of idols or murtis and they denounce animal sacrifice. They also denounce Shraddha or rituals pertinent to ancestors, castigating people on birth than merit, child marriage, untouchability, pilgrimages, temple offerings and priestly machinations. The Samaj strictly believes in the infallibility of the 4 Vedas, repercussion of Karma, process of death and rebirth (Samsara), holiness of the cow, efficacy of Vedic offerings to the fire, social reform programs and the significance of Samskaras. The Samaj over the years have worked hard to the upliftment of women by giving higher education and encouraging inter-caste and inter-religion marriages. It has built orphanages, missions, and refuge for widows and has a large network of schools and colleges running all over the country and the world.

Arya Samaj Mandir In Lavkush Nagar work for the betterment of life and growth of knowledge and awareness among people it serves. Among the many services it provides to its members and Hindu sect of people, marriage stands as the foremost deed that modern society has witnessed so far. Arya Samaj priests unite two people in holy matrimony according to Vedic practices and in the simplest manner. These marriages are conducted in front of natural elements and is solemnized with chanting of Mantras and verses from the Vedas. By marrying under the aegis of Arya Samaja, you stand to benefit the following:

  • Inter-caste or inter-religion marriage is possible under Arya Samaj principles
  • Cost of conducting marriage is nominal and affordable for any economy
  • Marriage certificate issued by Arya Samaj is valid in court of law
  • Arya Samaj Marriage certificate is a vital supporting document for registering marriage in Indian courts
  • Marriage is conducted with fewer formalities and is divested of all pomp and show and the stress to organize large scale celebration and feasting
  • Even people belonging to Christian and Muslim community can marry Hindu partner by legally converting to Hinduism

For marrying under the Arya Samaji rules and reaping the above benefits you can apply for registration either online or submit an application to the concerned officers of Arya Samaj in Lavkush Nagar.