Arya Samaj Mandir In Indirapuram Ghaziabad UP

One of the most significant decisions in life is finding the right person to spend the rest of your life with. Marriage is a bond between two souls who love each other and promise to care, respect and protect each other; it is with this person with whom you could share your hopes and dreams. Therefore, Indian weddings are a reflection of this celebration of two people coming together and taking the ultimate step for the lifetime of happiness. But that’s not all, Indians know how to celebrate. Here, the weddings are fun replete with good food, music, colors and festive atmosphere. Each state in the country has its own culture and hence almost every wedding in India differs from social customs and rituals in one way or the other.

However, despite such abundance of culture and festivities, many couples are opting for an austere celebration of their union. In a fast-paced world which is being increasingly getting crammed with work, commitments – social and otherwise, time is something that cannot be compromised. Hence, many couples are opting for a simple wedding surrounded by their loved ones and sometimes not even that. This is where a simple wedding comes into play and we ensure that Arya Samaj Mandir In Indirapuram Ghaziabad UP is held without any hiccups.


Arya Samaj in Sant Kabir Nagar UP is well equipped to solemnize weddings as per preferences. Similarly,Arya Samaj in Sant Kabir Nagar UP too is well versed in holding wedding ceremonies.Considering that Arya Samaj Marriage in Sant Kabir Nagar has simple procedures and is easy on the pocket with less expense and of course less time consuming, the Court marriage in Sant Kabir Nagar is also getting more and more popular.Apart from this, there are legal aspects too. There are certain documents that are required which include birth certificate for the proof of age, passport size photographs, besides an affidavit of two witnesses each from the side of both the groom and bride. It takes just 1-2 hours to solemnize the ceremony in Arya Samaj Mandir in Sant Kabir Nagar and the same can be said for Arya Samaj Mandir in Sant Kabir Nagar.
In addition, there are other things which are considered auspicious, garlands and sweets after the ceremony are included too. We believe that each day is a gift, therefore everyday is an auspicious day to get married to your beloved; one can choose any day to tie the knot. The priest, our Pandit ji chant Vedic mantras in keeping with the Hindu traditions and Shastras as per the Vedic principles so that everything is followed very strictly to keep the process traditional and complete it in an authentic manner. The expenses as they come should not be a concern at all; we will make sure that it is within the budget and done in minimal expenses.

However, seeing that the set way of solemnizing marriages in India, only legally registering the marriage is what makes the marriage recognized it in the eyes of law. A legal marriage in India is solemnized under the Special Marriage Act.1954, Hindu Marriage Act.1955 or Arya Marriage Validation Act.1937. Our dedicated team can help have your dream wedding in and also get the legal issues out of the way.

Besides this, there are more aspects to be followed before, during and after you in married in India. While, there are lengthy procedures and not so lengthy ones, couples and families require the know-how of an expert. One of them is the Marriage Registration which is a form of legal as well as financial protection for both the husband and wife. This certificate is valuable evidence and provides social security as well. Moreover, it is beneficial when it comes to claiming the bank deposits or benefits such as Life Insurance. It is is very helpful in getting the visa for the spouse. This Certificate also helps in joint home loan or refuting a denial of marriage or in any other unhappy circumstance should they arise.

It especially becomes a shield when two consenting adults wish to get married against the will of their elders. In these circumstances, a Marriage Registration Certificate gives a protection against false civil and criminal cases that are filed by the warring families of the spouses to break the marriage.

Families and couples contact us from different parts of the state, thus, making your day of love a dream come true is our priority.