Arya Samaj Mandir In Chhatarpur MP

Arya Samaj is a socially advanced culture which is instrumental in uniting couples in holy matrimony according to full Hindu customs but with the true teachings of the Veda. Arya Samaj culture is based on the 4 great Vedas and their interpretation by Great Swami Dayanand Saraswati. Since establishment by the great Sage, Arya Samaj has spread extensively throughout India and in the world and has become an authentic route to search and worship god for people who are likeminded. Arya Samaj Mandir In Chhatarpur strives to exercise the knowledge derived from the Veda and accordingly conduct Arya Weddings under the aegis of our pious surroundings.

How Arya Samaj Weddings are conducted in our Premises?

Arya Samaj wedding is conducted by eligible and seasoned Acharyas or Pandits. The matrimony is concluded amid chants of Vedic verses and mantras and in the presence of Agni (Fire) and other 4 elements namely water, earth, sky and wind. The ceremony is performed in simplistic way where use of expensive articles relevant to Hindu weddings is strictly avoided. Depending on your wish you can bring small or big gathering to witness the marriage.

What are the legal formalities required for Arya Samaj Marriage?

There are very few formalities and they are:

  • You shall be required to produce birth certificate of groom and bride and the legal age for marriage is 18 for the girl and 21 for the boy.
  • You will bring two adult witness to stand as testimony and sign the marriage certificate
  • An oath certificate or affidavit declaring personal details like date of birth, religion, nationality and marital status
  • If one of you belong to Christian or Muslim community then you may require to go through legal conversion to Hindu faith before the marriage

Is Arya Samaj wedding legal in the eyes of the Indian courts?

Yes, it is. Arya Samaj marriage certificate is accepted as proof of marriage by the laws of the land. It is also a valid proof on which you can apply and obtain a marriage certificate from Indian courts.

What are the fees for conducting an Arya Samaj wedding?

The fee structure for performing marriage ceremony and its rituals is very small and would amount to Rs.2100. You shall be required to pay an additional Rs.500 to the Pandit or Acharya who performs the rituals.

What is the mode of applying for Arya Samaj Marriage?

You can apply in writing directly to the administrators of Arya Samaj In Chhatarpur or by online from our website. We will also provide free counseling in this matter.

Besides the Arya Samaj Marriage ceremony we also perform several other Hindu religious rituals and they would include

  • Naam Karan Sanskar
  • Mundan/Upanayan/Annprashan
  • Grih Pravesh
  • Shuddikaran
  • Antyeshti

Some of these religious ceremonies and rituals are carried out at the Arya Samaj Mandir, whereas the others take place in the designated spot or destination. Arya Samaj follows the One God rule hence does not distinguish people coming from various communities and treat everyone of them as equal.