Arya Samaj Mandir In Aligarh

Arya samaj mandir in Aligarh is established by the believers and followers of Arya Samaji Principles handed over by the founder and great sage Swami Dayanand Saraswati. All customs and practices are followed and exercised as per the norms laid over by the Great Vedas and weddings in particular is solemnized by learned Acharyas/Pandits under Vedic rules.  The Arya Samaj here in Aligarh is progressive in thought and reformative in actions as we follow and support the reforms suggested by the Great Swmi. All our services including Weddings and other Hindu ceremonies and rituals are carried out in the simplest manner and we strictly denounce the show of wealth on these occasions.

Like Swami Dayanand Saraswati, we reject the worship of idols and only consider and accept the five natural elements, fire, water, wind, earth and sky as supreme powers. Our ceremonies are conducted in the presence of the above elements and are accompanied by chants of Mantras from the 4 Great Vedas. Among the many services we consider Wedding as the foremost social service as it concerns the union and future of two souls and we do our best to bond two people in matrimony in the most auspicious manner but without the glitz of the conventional weddings. This is our way of concluding marriages in the most inexpensive manner so people from lower rungs of the economical ladder are able to marry with all wedding rituals without spending money.

Besides conducting comprehensive Hindu Weddings under Arya Samaji rules, we also perform Naam Karan, Upanyayan, Mundan, Annaprashan, Grih Pravesh, Antyeshi and Havans with all religious and ceremonial fervor. All rituals and ceremonies performed by us are headed by qualified and certified Pandits under Arya Samaji rules.  Arya Samaj pays the highest respect to the institution of Marriage in India and accordingly strives to unite people from all wakes of life under Vedic principles.  If you belong to Hindu community or otherwise you can get married under Hindu Marriage Act at our Arya Samaj Mandir by applying and offering a nominal fee.

Irrespective of any religion you belong to you, you can get married by producing the following proof/documents:

  • Birth Certificate valid under Indian Laws and the proof that you as a bride is 18 years old and as a groom 21 years of age
  • If you belong to any other community than Hindu you may be subjected to conversion to Hindu Dharma with your full consent
  • An oath certificate or affidavit declaring the truthfulness of your date of birth, identity, address, marital status and other personal details
  • Couple of Passports size photographs for both bride and the groom
  • Two witnesses of adult age to endorse the wedding
  • Any other thing related to wedding ceremony, bride or bridegroom that you wish to carry with you

You can register the marriage application either by conventional methods at the Arya Samaj Mandir Aligarh or through the official website of the Mandir. The wedding will be most economical and affordable to all budget and economy.